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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Mar 22, 2020

Question for the day: "How do you go about managing VAs?"

More than happy to share with you the processes and tools I personally use in managing VA (short for Virtual Assistant).

1. Daily Team Meetings (success stories, training takeaways, quote of the day)

2. Google Docs ( Word, Sheets, PowerPoint,etc.)

3. LastPass- Utilize password sharing tool 

4. Hubstaff- Using a time-tracker with screenshots 

5. Loom (for recording instructions when delegating tasks)

6. Calendly (for scheduling)

7. Task management tool (Quire, Twillo, Asana, etc.)

8. Communication Channel (Skype/ Slack)

Listen in, as I go through this list and how to use each of them in building your dream team.

So, as the saying goes... "Teamwork makes the Dreamwork."


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