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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Nov 25, 2019

Once read: "It is not how it ends that matters, but the journey it takes to get there."

If you were to start all over, will you take the same path?

Received this question from a previous episode, I suppose this question refers to my real estate journey- from single-family transition to multi-family. I started in the construction site, met my mentor at a CrossFit gym offered to work completely free for him (did just about everything, job-related I mean, nothing more, haha) and basically purchased my very first real estate deal in exchange for sweat equity. That's to give you an idea of an overview of how my path looks like in breaking through the real estate industry. 

And to answer that question, I will take the exact same path that I took, even if I were to start all over again. 

So if are to start again, will you take the same path?

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