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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Oct 31, 2019

Dropping bombs-- from getting started in real estate, finding deals, managing properties and building a better community through multi-family investing. On today's show, we interview Gino Barbaro- an investor, business owner, author and entrepreneur. Managing just under 1500 multifamily units in the southeast conference. He is the co-founder of Jake &​ Gino, a multifamily real estate education company that offers coaching and training in real estate. Experience sharing his personal journey in breaking through real estate with mistakes, successes and philosophy:

-No deal is better than a bad deal
-Shattering your limiting beliefs
-Big Enough Why
-Not blaming your environment
-Investing in Education
-Unusual habits/ Behavior habits to succeed
-Don't me Effect Delegate, Dictate, Disappear
-We Attract What We Are
-Getting started with no capital, bridge the gap
-People, Systems, Culture
-Creating Community vs Property

What for you can be better than a bad deal?


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