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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Jun 22, 2021

Watch this video until the end to learn a few things that you can do at 19 years old - things that could lead you to better success, even better than the traditional route of going to school in order to find a "good" job.

This is my story from when I was 19. This serves as a living testament that the path to success is not monopolized by the traditional route of going to school, graduating and working on a 9-5 job.

My story is different, and so is my success. I used a different formula that led me to where I am right now.

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01:11 About Sterling White
02:03 Not going to college
04:13 Removing people who aren’t adding value to my life
06:13 Not partying - focusing on self-development
06:40 Advantages of not partying
07:34 Focusing on mindset
08:30 Regarding empowering beliefs
09:31 Outroduction

Things you could do at 19 years old:
1. Not going to college.
2. Removing people who aren’t adding value to my life.
3. Not partying. Focusing on self-development.
4. Focusing on mindset.


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