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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

May 13, 2021

Confidence is the key in just about every endeavor that we undertake, including investing. We need to get it right to succeed - we can’t just rely on luck! Watch this video until the end to learn proven steps on how to boost your confidence in real estate investing.

00:00 Introduction
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02:10 About Sterling White
02:52 Building your own confidence
03:57 Tip #1: Step out of your comfort zone.
04:35 True growth from stretching out of comfort zone
06:39 About not doing something leading to regret
07:48 Tip #2: Understand the reason why you want to invest.
08:17 Avoiding regrets at the deathbed
08:54 Tip #3: Know Yourself.
09:21 Focusing on your strengths
09:54 Tip #4: Seek out mentorship and advice
10:48 Regarding learning from others
11:38 Who's been a huge influence in your life?
11:25 Summary
11:32 Regarding fear
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12:58 Outroduction

Proven ways to build confidence:
1. Step out of your comfort zone.
2. Understand the reason why you want to invest.
3. Know Yourself.
4. Seek out advice and mentorship.

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