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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Mar 22, 2020

Question for the day: "How do you go about managing VAs?"

More than happy to share with you the processes and tools I personally use in managing VA (short for Virtual Assistant).

1. Daily Team Meetings (success stories, training takeaways, quote of the day)

2. Google Docs ( Word, Sheets, PowerPoint,etc.)

3. LastPass-...

Mar 9, 2020

Today we'll talk about one of the great questions received which is: "Questions To Ask When Vetting a Property?"

Here's the list of what I check personally:

1. Where can value be added? (i.e. income, expense)

2. Do the numbers make sense? (i.e. T-12, rent-roll, etc.)

3. How much does the renovation cost?

Listen in as we...

Mar 2, 2020

The dumbest mistake we can make is to believe that we don't make a mistake. Self-awareness and taking action are huge in terms of taking you to where you want to go. Let me pull back the curtain and share with you dumbest investor mistakes make (no shame, myself included).

  • Trying to know it all (the analysis...