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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Jan 30, 2020

We got our market, we found a deal, now it's time for us to do our due diligence. What are the things to look for when buying multi-family?

Here's to share with you the most important things to check on top of my checklist.

1. Expenses (T-12, Rent-roll)

2. Income (rent per square footage)

3. Management

Why is this...

Jan 27, 2020

The only limits in our lives are the ones we create with our own minds. The outside world will change until our inside world changes.

I want to share with you the top limiting beliefs in real estate (or even to other businesses)

1. "I don't have enough capital nor I have a good credit rating"

2. "I don't know...

Jan 23, 2020

It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently. If you are persistent you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.

In this episode, I would share the ways on how I raised 2.8M in capital to fund a recent deal. 

-Value creation



Jan 20, 2020

A lot of people are asking how I got the interview with "Uncle G" Grant Cardone. Why did he agree to be on my podcast? Or why did I agree to have him either way? 

On a high level these are the highlights on how I sold the king of sales:

The ask- "Even geniuses always ask questions."

Staying on the radar- "Creatively...

Jan 16, 2020

A good neigborhood increases the value of a property.

I am a firm believer that, if a community is pleased and happy, they support your business. And if your business is doing well, you can give more back to the community.

So here are my favorite things to do when taking ownership of a property in terms of removing bad...