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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Nov 28, 2019

Ever heard the dialogue: "Why do we fall? ---So we can learn how to get up."?

In today's episode, I wanna pull back the curtain and share with you the mistakes that I made as an entrepreneur:

1. Not investing in myself

2. Doing everything alone

3. Lack of self-awareness

Bonus: lessons learned:

-Can't grow by being...

Nov 25, 2019

Once read: "It is not how it ends that matters, but the journey it takes to get there."

If you were to start all over, will you take the same path?

Received this question from a previous episode, I suppose this question refers to my real estate journey- from single-family transition to multi-family. I started in the...

Nov 21, 2019

What are the key items to check when performing due diligence? In this episode, we'll go over the ultimate list I personally use on my own due diligence when purchasing multi-family properties. Finding reasons why you should NOT buy the deal, some would say, how to kill the deal

1. Obtaining Financials (Rent-roll,...

Nov 18, 2019

Would you agree on the saying that "90% or more of success is the mindset"? Today's episode we'll talk about positivity. I'll answer the question: "What is Your Favorite Hack to Maintain a Positive Attitude?"

1. Avoiding the news;

2. Feeding mind with positive audiobooks

Listen in as I tell you how these hacks that I...