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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Apr 29, 2021

Wondering what other ways you can fund your real estate investment deal? Worried that your bank will not approve your loan request? Watch this video until the end as Sterling White discusses 5 underrated ways on how to raise capital. 

00:00 Introduction

01:30 Sterling White's background

03:31 #1 Retirement accounts

05:04 #2 HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit)

05:55 Resource recommendation:

06:29 Learning from other's mistake

07:11 #3 Partner investor

08:18 Limiting Belief: Needing a lot of money to get into real estate

09:19 #4 Crowdfunding

10:35 #5 Syndication

11:25 Summary

13:01 Having the right mindset

14:43 Free strategy sessions with Sterling White

15:53 Story of Juan, our mentee

16:22 Outroduction


Sources of Capital (Ways to Fund your Real Estate Deals):

  1. Retirement accounts
  2. HELOC
  3. Partner investor
  4. Crowdfunding
  5. Syndication

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