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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

May 20, 2021

Planning to wing it on your own but not sure where to start and how to start? That’s normal. But would you rather keep to that path of least success or have someone guide you? Watch this video until the end to find out the benefits of having a mentor in your real estate investing journey.

00:00 Introduction
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01:25 What having a mentor meant
01:46 About Sterling White
02:39 Being of value to others
03:14 No. 1: Leverage knowledge and expertise
03:41 Speeding up your learning
04:33 No. 2: Access a network
05:23 Difficulty of finding a good contractor
05:55 No. 3: Avoid mistakes
06:50 Regarding raising enough money for deals
08:16 Regarding underwriting deals
08:40 No. 4: Access to deals
09:36 Unlocking possibilities with Mentoring
10:22 Regarding a shift in mindset
11:12 Summary
11:44 Get a free copy of the book “From Zero To 400 Units”
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12:00 Book you would recommend

Why you would want a mentor in your real estate investing journey:
1. Leverage your mentor's knowledge and expertise that would have taken you years to accumulate.
2. Access to your mentor's network (of investors, contractors, etc.).
3. Avoid mistakes (through your mentor's guidance) that would have caused you thousands worth of dollars or even bankruptcy.
4. Access to deals that otherwise you normally wouldn't have access to.

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