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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Apr 22, 2021

Apartments or houses? Are you thinking about which one you want to start with in your real estate investing journey? watch this video and learn about the pro's and con's in starting with either single-family homes or multi-family homes.


Sterling White shares his experience and insights on which one he started with and on how he shifted to the other.

00:00 Introduction

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02:06 Should I start in single-family or multi-family?

02:07 Getting your first deal as quickly as possible

03:23 Intensity of buying and managing lots of single-family home rentals

04:30 FREE "Acquisitions Model Worksheet"

05:03 Single-family investing has lower barrier of entry

05:27 Multi-family investing can be daunting

05:55 More single-family deals than multi-family ones

06:50 Book Recommendation: "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy

07:10 Nightmare of managing a lot of single-family properties

07:56 Multi-family investing is more scalable

09:10 Understanding your real estate investment philosophy

10:10 Investing in multi-family has less risks

11:13 Pro's in multi-family investing

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12:32 Outroduction

Points on Single-Family home acquisitions:

- Lower barrier of entry.

- More single-family deals than multi-family ones.

Points on Multi-Family home acquisitions:

- Can be daunting and be a big step for most people.

- More scalable and better ROI on time.

- Much better to acquire and manage.

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