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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Apr 20, 2021

Looking for a process of how to properly perform due diligence on a property you want to buy? Watch this video to the very end as we provide you with a step-by-step clear process on how to do this and to avoid mistakes along the way.


We will provide you with a FREE Due Diligence Checklist ready for you to use:

00:00 Introduction

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00:59 Podcast collaboration in Denver

01:47 Due diligence process steps introduction

01:54 Potential to miss out on a step

02:11 Assessing a property

03:05 Due Diligence Checklist

03:58 Not having a process

04:19 Learning from mistakes

05:01 Owner fixing own property

06:30 Multiple moving parts in due diligence

06:50 Susceptible to overlooking something.

07:03 Pre-offer > Due Diligence > Post-offer

07:13 What is pre-offer

07:43 Area Market and Neighborhood Analysis

08:30 Offer based on the upside/value add

08:47 Due Diligence (Feasibility) > Closing

09:00 Earnest money

09:28 "Money goes hard"

10:01 Under contract

11:09 Estimating rehab costs

12:23 Gaining insights on rehab costs

12:55 Getting more accurate/actual rehab costs

13:31 Reviewing existing contracts

14:04 Inheriting contracts

14:49 Summary

16:05 Hiring a Property Manager

17:23 Making an educated offer

18:01 Looking for reasons why not to buy

18:22 Avoid falling in love with the property

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19:31 Outroduction


Due Diligence Process Steps:

  1. Have a process
  2. Have a team
  3. Pre-offer
  4. Post-offer

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