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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Apr 15, 2021

Are you curious whether your expectations in real estate investing match with what is really happening out there? Or whether your beliefs are just based on myths and need to be changed?

In this episode, we’ll dive into 4 popular real estate investing myths and debunk them for good! We’ll show you how to match your expectations with reality and have a clearer goal for success.

00:00 Introduction

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01:20 Background on Sterling White

02:16 What is investing

02:44 About making mistakes

03:27 TV is not reality

04:34 Quitting because it's hard

04:59 Social media age

06:03 Acquiring first deal without cash

06:40 Partnering with someone who need solutions

07:00 Value of exchange

07:46 Buying first property at 23

08:11 Having the right mindset

08:26 Rewiring whole frame of thinking

09:26 Changing thinking to get a different result

09:54 Leap of faith

10:17 Analysis-paralysis mode

11:02 Pull the trigger and take action

11:08 Summary

12:28 Free guide and case studies (book)

12:54 Outroduction


Real Estate Investing Myths:

  1. It's like on television.
  2. Need to have a large amount of cash.
  3. You have to be older.
  4. Need to have all T's dotted and crossed.

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