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The Real Estate Experience Sterling White

Jan 21, 2021

Started working since he was 14 years old. Played football his whole life. Nothing else is more thrilling than meeting another World Record Attemptee!

Logan Freeman began LiveFree Investments in early 2018 after losing his job. Today, with over 80 successful real estate transactions and $13 million completed for...

Jan 5, 2021

A lot of people have been asking, "Is this the right time to buy real estate?" I've always responded to question with a yes, however...

Now let's hear from the author of the book "Investing in the US: The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate", Reed Goossens.
Key takeaways:
Know what you are buying
How you are buying

Jan 2, 2021

It was really a game-changer for most businessmen, like myself the idea of finding a mentor. What I did was find a mentor who worked in all the elements in real estate. He happened to work out at the same CrossFit gym as I did. I offered to work for this person for free (yes, I said for free!) to help with whatever...