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The Real Estate Experience with Sterling White is a Podcast that talks about the Ultimate Secrets, Experience and How to Find Freedom through Real Estate. From the author of the book "From Zero to 400 Units", Bigger Pockets Contributor, former Guinness Book of World Record Attemptee and seasoned real estate investor,

Sterling White.

Jul 12, 2019

"Though I never really had you... to me you will always be the one that got away". Sounds cheezy, right? Ha! In this episode, I will answer one question from you guys: What failure later set you up for success? I will talk about the ultimate lessons learned in a recent 118 apartment units deal. I will be sharing with you why I let such a good deal slipped through just like that. And how you can avoid the mistakes I made. Don't run into pitfalls and potholes on your future deals. 

I am super animated and excited in sharing my ideas and experiences, now that I manage just a little less than 500 units. I need your help in thinking about which topics you think are worth discussing. I trust you have cool ideas, I'll wait for you to send them over to my email I promise to cover it in one of our future episodes!